$130. per 45-50 minute session. Fees for longer sessions are pro-rated.
$30. one-time new account fee for Insurance clients.


I participate with the following insurance plans:

*Many insurance companies use the First Choice Health and First Health networks. Check your insurance card or contact Sharon if you're unsure.

My services will generally be covered by other plans as well if you have out-of-network coverage. This means that you would be responsible for paying the full fee at the time services are rendered and would then submit your bills to your insurance company for reimbursement. I will provide you with a bill that contains all necessary diagnostic and procedure codes.

The best way to determine the specifics of your insurance coverage is to consult your Certificate of Insurance. This is your actual written contract with the insurance company. If you cannot locate your certificate, call Customer Service and inquire. You will want to know the following:

Do you have out-of-network mental health benefits?
If so, what is your deductible?
Are there any annual caps on your benefit (in terms of dollar amount or number of visits)?
Are all licensed mental health professionals covered?

Note: As I discuss elsewhere on this site, the State of Washington does not require therapists in private practice to be licensed. Insurance companies will not reimburse for the services of unlicensed therapists (in-network or out-of-network). This includes Registered Counselors, who are not licensed. Therefore, if you want to use your insurance benefit, you will want to know whether the person with whom you wish to work is licensed.

Mental Health Parity Laws:

Washington and Oregon have state laws which require insurance companies to treat mental health benefits and medical benefits equally. Although insurance plans are not required to offer mental health coverage, if they do so it must be on par with the medical benefit. This means that copayments, annual out-of-pocket expenses, and coverage limits must be the same. It also means that if you have out-of-network coverage for medical specialists you must also have an out-of-network option for mental health. Mental health includes treatment for addiction.

In my experience, not all insurance companies comply with the law. For assistance or additional information, contact the insurance commission in your state:

www.insurance.wa.gov (800) 562-6900 www.insurance.oregon.gov (888) 877-4894

Healthcare Spending Accounts:

If you don't have insurance coverage for therapy, or don't wish to use it, you might consider setting up a Healthcare Spending Account. Such an account allows you to use pre-tax income to pay for medical services, medical devices, and drugs not paid for by insurance. Since you are using pre-tax income, your actual cost is significantly reduced. However, you must set up your account in advance, and there are restrictions. Consult your human resources or employee benefits representative.